In Kaş

Kaş is a charming district with a population of 47.594, with 5 towns and 48 villages in the province of Antalya. It is 192 kilometers from Antalya and 106 kilometers from Fethiye.

The district is adjacent to Eşen Stream in the west, Fethiye, Demre in the east, Elmalı in the north, and Meis Island in the south. The coastline of the district is 70 km.


Enjoying Limanağzı

First Day

Blue Flag awarded beach with its pure sea is a location that should be added on your holiday plans.

Having a very difficult reach from land, it is a rare location that the natural beauty is well preserved. Limanağzı is a beach you must visit and enjoy the beautiful sea.

With its warm and waveless sea, the beach is preferred by families with small children.

There are a few places that provides food and beverages.

You can also rent canoes in Limanağzı and get a chance to sail with Caretta Caretta turtles since the area is a natural habitat of them.


Second Day

Kekova is one of the most beautiful and special areas in the country.

You can take a boat tour or rent a canoe, sail on its clear water and observe the sunken ancient Lycian city Simena after the big eartquake. You will be able to see the ancient tombs, the walls of the buildings in the sea, ancient Roman churches and houses on top of the hills.

On Simena Island, which located just in front of Kekova, you can visit the old fortress and taste the delicious ice-cream that is made with goat milk and fresh fruits.



Third Day

Before arriving to Kaş on the photographs and right after your arrival, you will see colorful paraglides in the air.

Kaş, being one of the limited paragliding areas in Turkey, is offering a wonderful bird's eye view from the sky who would like to try.

Experienced pilots are waiting for your reservartion for this amazing experience.

Scuba diving

Forth Day

With its baeautiful clear sea and colorful underwater life, Kaş is the first preffered location by professional and amateur divers. You will be able to see lots of species and Caretta Caretta turtles while diving. In addition to these, there are a sunken ship, a tank and an underwater walley that you can see. Kaş, especially for the beginners, offers a wonderful view and an unforgettable diving experience.

If you would like to meet the silent beauty under the sea, don't forget to book your dive.


Kaputaş beach and Saklıkent

Fifth Day

Sanklıkent would a good option for the visitors who would like to enjoy a cool and peaceful day during the hot days of Kaş. Being an 18-km-long and 200-meter-heigth canyon, with narrow passages, glass-green waters and wonderful rocks, Saklıkent is the longest and most beautiful canyon in Turkey. Eşen River, which flows inside the canyon regenerated an amazing pine forest, which is now preserved as a national park.

Beside the canyon walk you can also do sea activities such as river rafting, bungee jumping and zipline. You can also enjoy a nice meal by the river on the sitting areas placed over the cold waters.

While going from Kas to Saklıkent Canyon, you can visit Kaputaş Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world. Kaputaş Beach located on the coastel road between Kaş and Kalkan, was formed by the water flowing underground from the sand. Sea water is generally cool and turquoise. The beach is reached by 187 steps from the highway. With the latest studies, the number of steps have been halved. You should definitely see the Kaputas Beach, which is one of the right adresses for a pleasant swim by seeing the magnificent shades of blue.

Meis Island
Sixth Day

Meis is a small Greek island which is located right in front of Kaş. On bird's eye view, Kaş and Meis can be seen just as the eye and the eyebrow. The island has a very small population of 400 people. You can visit churches and museums on the island. The island has the second biggest blue gratto (cave) of Europe that you must visit.

You can apply to the agencies at the center of Kaş for daily trips to Meis and have a joyful day on this pretty island.


Kaş Center

Seventh Day

In addition to its wonderful sea and amazing nature, you can also enjoy shopping in Kaş. You can find handmade silver ornaments, Lycian-designed carpets, rugs, glass artworks, carved wood products, design dresses in Kaş streets, which has a different vibe than other touristic areas.

You can also enyoj a cup of coffee in the center, explore and find beautiful restaurants on the streets and experience the dynamic nightlife of Kaş.