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A story of the regional carob tree...

Considerately famous in Kaş region and as an ancient source of income, the story of carob tree started ages ago. From Antiphellos, which was the most...

Room Types

Akdeniz Room

An immense sky and those who greet him are here for you. We have designed each of our rooms specially in different concepts so that you can experience different experiences and enjoy the comfort together with the unique beauties of Kaş. Choose your concept to spend the holiday you want and deserve.

The best quality foods chosen with care
A Delicious Breakfast

A beautiful beginning in our garden to a beautiful day, between the ancient olive trees, we are offering an amazing breakfast. Start your day with a healthy, delicious and nourishing breakfast.

We provide an open buffet breakfast for you with home made products. You can enjoy either in our lobby breakfast area or in our garden.

Whole Week

In Kaş

Kas, the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean, is one of the most ideal places for those who are looking for different activities as well as a quiet and peaceful holiday.

Kas is a very attractive holiday destination in terms of places to visit and gourmet sightseeing routes. With its sparkling sea, impressive historical texture and nature, it always maintains its special place in the hearts.

With Its Unique Design

The Photos of Our Hotel

A peaceful holiday starts with a peaceful location. Carruba Boutique Hotel offers an open wide space to have a delightful holiday experience.

You can find the photos of all specially designed rooms, appetizing breakfast area and an enjoyable garden here.