Our measures against Covid-19. Detail


Coronavirus is widely seen in the world. In our country, protection and control measures should be considered to reduce the risk of infection in accommodation facilities. Within these measures, it is very important to keep the guest records complatelyand managements of the contactscorrectly. ( name, surname, adres, contact, passport information, where they have been in the last 14 days and the travel plan after their stay) Health and safety protocols are given below in our accommodation facility.


  • General areas have been adapted and rearranged according to safe social distance rule. Necessary measures have been taken and signboards have been placed, information notices have been hung. Areas that are frequently used are subject to extra disinfecting practices.
  • Hand disinfectants are made available and used at general spaces and WC units.
  • Especially frequently touched places; door handles, batteries, handrails, toilet and sink in common areas are disinfected.


  • Check-in and check-out procedures have been rearranged and adapted to social distance rule. Safe waiting areas have been designed. Distance signs have been placed.
  • Our guests are welcomed with thermal cameras or contactless fire measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection materials. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to our guests upon request.
  • All our guests are given information about the practices and measures in place.
  • Room cards are disinfected before check-in.
  • Room cards returned by a checking-out guests are kept in a separate box and disinfected before use.

2.The suitcases of our guests are disinfected in front of the door before entering the building.


  • Our cleaning personnel wear a mask. These protective materials are changed before entering in another room for cleaning. The same conditions apply to all sta who entering the rooms.
  • Windows in the rooms and other closed areas are ventilated during daily cleaning.
  • Textil products ( bed linens, sheets, towels, etc.) are collected by folding, In this process, dust and particles are not emitted.
  • Disinfectants that do not harm health are used for room cleaning. Door handles, faucets, remote controls, telephone, switches are disinfected before each check-in.
  • Textile products are washed in the washing machine with detergent at 60 -90 C.
  • Amenities are replaced after each check-out.
  • Air conditioning outlets and lids in each room are disinfected carefully on a weekly basis.
  • Rooms are disinfectedevery check-out.


  • Kitchen areas, kitchen utensils and counter top and storage areas are cleaned regularly.
  • There are sterilization devices, equipment and tools for hand and body hygiene are in place at the kitchen areas.
  • Our kitchen personnel wear a protective mask, bonnet and gloves. Detailed training has been provided for the rules to follow.
  • Dishes are washed by dishwasher in high temperature.


  • Hand disinfection units are available at breakfast areas.
  • All service personnel wear a face mask.
  • Reminders for social distancing have been placed at every waiting point at bars and restaurants.
  • In all Food & Beverage units; table, chair and sitting distances have been rearranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances.
  • Self-service tea and coee machines at the Food & Beverage areas have been removed or our responsible personnel serve them.
  • Protective barriers have been designed for contactless serving of food at the open buet and our responsible employees provide necessary guidance and service.
  • Dishes in all F&B units are washed by a dishwasher, not by hand.
  • Foods are kept in closed area or lids are tightly covered.


  • Pools are cleaned in accordance with chemical values that will not allow any disease or epidemic as usual.
  • Sunbeds are placed in line with the social distancing rules.
  • Sunbeds are frequently disinfected.
  • Beach towels are delivered to each guest by our employees


  • Foods are bought from selected suppliers who are subject to inspections, and they are allowed in our facilities only after strict controls and disinfection formalities are completed.
  • Storage conditions and productions are fully hygienic at our facility.
  • Storages are frequently checked for hygiene conditions based on a given hygiene list.